Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Flower Cake Decorating Ideas

I've been busy making something like forty Squidoo lenses since the new point system was instituted.  Nothing like an instant reward system to get me motivated.  I made a series of cake decorating pages that all started with one idea:  Flower Cakes.  It was definitely one of those times where one thing led to another...and another...and another.

I knew about icing flowers.  I'd tried cake decorating when I was a girl, although I never worked up to making roses.  Here is my lens about making flowers from different types of icing and frosting:  Icing Flowers

Fondant is that edible clay type material that you see on all the fancy cakes and cookies these days.  You can get a lot of detail and the flowers you make will stay in place without melting.  See this lens for more information about how to make them:  Fondant Flowers  

And if you really want to go deluxe in cutting your fondant you need the new Cricut electronic die cut machine made specifically for the kitchen.  There is even a Martha Stewart edition.  I'm trying to gather together as much information as I can about it on that lens, although since it's so new there really isn't all that much out there yet.

You can also make Chocolate Flowers.  The interesting thing about putting that page together was that I discovered that there are such things as chocolate flowers that you plant, chocolate indicating color.  There are even garden plans for chocolate gardens.  So the lens ended up being about both. 

I also discovered that cakes are decorated with inedible flowers made from paper and clay.  My Paper Flower lens talks about how to make paper flowers for many different purposes.  Clay Flowers aren't easy to find.  I would want to use real clay made from earth with anything edible.  Most of the clay flowers I found were made from synthetic materials.  (Although now that I think about it you'd probably want to be careful with the dyes in paper, too.)  Some of the orchids that people make from air dry synthetic clay are so lifelike.