Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Squidoo Club

Squidoo has been put down one time too many on Tagfoot. Therefore I've created a Ning group called Squidoo Club specifically for people to promote their lenses (and Hubpages, etc. if they have them) as well as share their ideas and experiences as a Squidoo lensmaster. I hope to make a real community out of it.

I'm cooking up weekly contests of some sort with the prize being an interview of the winner posted here on this blog (and maybe some other things as time and resources allow).

If you want to come and just leave a list of your lenses on your blog and never say another thing, that's fine. If you want to list every single one of your lenses, each of which is about a different model of cell phone, go for it. Such things would get you labeled as a spammer on Tagfoot, but not at the Squidoo Club!

If you want to come and be a part of a friendly community, that's much appreciated (but not required).

If you want to join the group and leave a comment on my page to try and entice me to pay for sexual acts with you then I will:
  • pray to Jesus that you grow a brain
  • invoke Hecate and do some sort of magical working on you - binding, banishing, etc. -
  • block you from leaving comments on my page, the last of which is something everyone can do.
So join the group by clicking here, pull up your keyboard and your beverage of choice (because this is thirsty work!), and promote yourself to your heart's content.

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