Friday, April 16, 2010

Squid Angel Blessings: No Bake Cookie Recipes and Spellcrafting

I was looking for recipes for no bake cookies because I had committed to making some for a local event and then ended up being in it, leaving no time to bake cookies.

No Bake Cookie Recipes

I found this fantastic first lens by lensmaster CookieFan.  In No Bake Cookie Recipes she presents us with some favorite no bake recipes such as rice krispie treats with variations.  The photos are fantastic.  I assume she took them as there is no attribution otherwise that I saw.

Working Magic and Casting Spells

For the real low down on spells and what they really are I found an equally fantastic lens on that topic:  Witch Crafts:  Magic and Spells by M_S_Beltran.  Although lengthy, this is one of the most readable explanations of what magic really is and how to use it effectively that I have ever found.  He takes it out of the realm of Harry Potter or demonology and shows it for what it is...a way to discipline yourself in order to reach your goals.  We all use magic all the time.  Any time you try to change anyone else, you are using a form of magic.  That includes teaching people to fear witches!

If you have ever been curious about what spells do and how to use them, this lens is a great place to start.

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