Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Maintenance Work is Nice

When you're a creative person like I am, sometimes it's nice to just sit back and do some repetitive and relatively mindless work. Last week Squidoo announced that it would be making some changes to it's overall look. Some features were added, some mainstays were taken away. At first I was a little perturbed as many of the social networking features within Squidoo itself have been abolished. I also have to resort to using Delicious to bookmark lenses I like now. I'm not very happy about that or the removal of the Squidcast just as I was getting used to using it. I'll have to use this blog for updates to my lenses...or something.

A nice feature that has been added is that we can now list six lenses on the sidebar. It has been a maximum of three for a while (years?) now. This is causing me to go through each of my 111 lenses and update them. Doing that job is surprisingly uplifting. For one thing, I really am excited about my lenses once I take the time to review them. I enjoy the topics I've chosen and I like the way I put them together. Looking at them all this way inspires me to make more.

I have had to resort to making and printing out a list of the lenses by actual domain name rather than the title of the lens. It's a lot faster and more error free. Again, it's almost like looking at a map of my life. Very interesting!

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